» "Beauty is promise of happiness." (Stendhal)
DSC9007 The Day Moisturizer

The Day Moisturizer

The Day Moisturizer is a  fine and luscious cream which creates an invisible and airy veil that seals the water into your skin, thus bringing immediate softness and comfort to your face. Day after day, The Day Moisturizerprotects from aging signs, its efficiency is the result of a combination of inner stimulation and outer protection. The incredibly pure  Eau de la Foux combined with the QAI® Complex agents ( Triple Collagen, Q10 co-enzyme, Amino Acids, Mulberry Root extract) and moisturizing and revitalizing agents smooth fine and deeper wrinkles while revitalizing skin, The Day Moisturizer adds youth, glow and firmness to your face.

Active ingredients of the The Day Moisturizer:
Anti-aging : QAI® Complex agents
Moisturizing & Refreshing : Eau de la Foux
Emollient & Protecting : Squalene
Densifying & Moisture Shield : Sorbitol
Moisturizing & Restorative : Lactic Acid

Gently massage a few drops every morning on your cleansed face and neck, on its own or with  The Serum.

The complements of the Day Moisturizer:
Complete your  Nourishing Saho beginning with  Purifying Saho, then using   The Serum, The Eye Recovery Serum and according to your needs  The Night Moisturizer or   The Brightening Sunscreen (SPF 25).

Jar 50 ml

€ 205.00


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